Shandong Tianlu Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd


  • High-speed Hydraulic Ramming Machine

    High-speed Hydraulic Ramming Machine

  • Stabilized soil mixing station

    Stabilized soil mixing station

  • Impact Roller

    Impact Roller

  • Hydraulic Vibrating Compactor

    Hydraulic Vibrating Compactor

  • Engineering Tractor

    Engineering Tractor

  • Hydraulic pile hammer

    Hydraulic pile hammer

  • Multi-Hammer Breaker

    Multi-Hammer Breaker

About Us

Founded in 2004, Tianlu Group is located at the foot of Taishan Mountain, which is the head of the Five Sacred Mountains. It has eight independent legal entities, such as Shandong Tianlu Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Tianlu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tianlu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Hotline : 400-622-6616

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